Rules of the game.

Send 0.001 btc to the address below
do not send more  and do not send less!
Any deposit with less then 0.001 btc will be returned to the sender - transaction fees.
If more then 0.001 btc then only 0.001 will be credited to that transaction all the rest will go into the pot for the winner!
All transactions are final!

The winner will be who ever is closest to the CoinDesks Ticker when the price of bitcoin Reaches $2000.00 usd

required 6 confirmations before insertion into the lottery!

With the same transaction you must send a message stating when you think the bitcoin price will break 2000 USD

CoinDesk will be the guiding source for the priceline

99% of all btc received with at least 6 confirmations before the price hits 2000 USD will be given to the person  who chose the date and time closest to the winning moment!

You must send a msg with the transaction of the funds to wagering, inside that msg must be as follows

date 21/5/2014   time  17:21
the date is example= 21 May 2017  the time is in 24 hour military time!

For example=   21/5/2017 17:21     please do not send any other information in the msg..
Welcome to 2K bitcoin breaker
Deposit address
closed while waiting confirmations
Total pot=
Good Luck to all participants